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Territory grid

Capelle Transports run about twenty agencies spread all over the French territory (see agencies map). Each of them operates from 25 to 80 trucks representing all the scope of equipment used for exceptional transports (flatbed and low loader trailers family). This enlarged presence allow us to answer any type of transport with a reduction to the maximum of approach costs and the amount of "empty" kilometres.
Synergies developed with European branches of the Capelle Group (Capelle International, Capelle Iberica, ) allow us answer efficiently your demands for international transports.

Our staff

Exceptional transport requires exceptional competences. This is why we pay a very detailed attention to the preservation and continuous improvement of competences of our staff.


To ensure the recruitment and the training of its 450 drivers and 35 dispatchers, Capelle Transport lays on Euroteam Capelle, the training centre of the . Experts in their business, with a strength of at least 10 years experience with exceptional transports, the trainers of Euroteam Capelle transmits to our collaborators "the Capelle Spirit" (rigour, adaptability, research of excellence) and, beyond the compulsory trainings (FCOS, CACES, FIMO), provides many other specialised trainings: rational driving, use of the digital tachograph, European Social Regulations, etc...
More on Euroteam Capelle

Our financial capacity

The good wealth of the Capelle Group - that benefits of an excellent position with COFACE and at the Banque de France - and its financial base are additional guarantees to our customers.
First because it allow us to invest (rolling stock renewal, staff trainings, centralised information system, on-board equipment, etc.) to improve their satisfaction. Then because when using subcontractors our customers do not have to be concerned by a double invoicing, according to the Gayssot Law that allow a subcontracting transport company to claim dues directly to the loader (client) when it is not paid by its client (shipper).

An specific and integrated operations software system

All our agencies are managed by a unique and centralized operating system. Owing to it our dispatchers do have a global and in real time vision of all the fleet of agencies and branches of the Capelle Group. That global vision allow each dispatcher, regardless the agency he works for, to answer to all the type of transport by optimizing the number of "empty" kilometers and to reduce the costs of approach of the lorries.

A real-time information

We equipped in 2007 our trucks with an on board high end computer tool whose certain options were developed especially for the Capelle Group. That system allow you, if this was your wish, to be informed in real-time and automatically (geo-tracking and geo-fencing) of the GPS position of the truck and of the status of your order (loaded, on the road, delivered). So you can invoice your customers immediately after delivery.

A global management of your transports

You can chose to manage all your transports thanks to the Informatics and Logistics System (SIL - Système Informatique et Logistique) that we have settled up. You will then have a personalised and secure access to our internet website and to have the opportunity to execute on line transport estimations, send and follow the state of your orders. That system is particularly adapted to manage and optimise multi references transports for multi-site companies. It allows you :
- To reduce resources you engage to the administrative part of this business (estimations, orders follow-ups, etc)
- To have a global visibility of all your transports and to reduce in that way their costs when optimising loadings / back loads between your sites, to reduce "empty" kilometers and approach costs...
- To have on-line estimations within second regardless the ways or the type of products to be transported
- To have a regular service all the year long
- To have reliable benchmarks of the quality of your transports: day and time of loading; day and time of delivery, adequacy of the lorry to the type of carried goods, damages possible, etc...
- To have adapted and optimised prices for every transport

Technical capital (the equipment)

We dispose of a range of equipment to carry exceptional goods the most extended over the French territory. It makes possible to carry machines of all type, as conventional (flatbed and low loader trailers) and exceptional load (long, large, tall and heavy).We own a fleet of 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 tractors and do have also specialised tractors for very heavy goods (up to 8x6x4).
We transports all types of goods with no limit to weight, length and height. Unique limits are physical limits coming from the road network.
According to the equipment, our trucks and drawbar units are renewed every 3 or 5 years which enables us to have vehicles of last generation, respecting the last European standards (Euro 3 and Euro 5) and giving the comfort to the driver. The average age of our semi trailer fleet is 4,5 year. That of our driving park is 2,5 year.
On about sixty additional trailers which each year we are equipping with, the most specific are conceived in cooperation with our research department, to be perfectly adapted to our customers needs.


For over 15 years Capelle Transports has invested in their Quality Management and Environment system.
1996 : obtaining ISO 9002 certificate
2003 : obtaining ISO 9001 version 2000 certificate
2006 : obtaining ISO 14001 certificate
2008 : renewing ISO 14001 certificate and its extension to new agencies (up to date 90% of Capelle agencies are certified - among them the most important ones)


Master of Social Management in Languedoc Roussillon Region (2002)
Transporter of the Year (2003)
Heavy Haulage Job of the Year, category >120 tons (2003)
Heavy Haulage Job of the Year, category <120 tons (2006)
Entrepreneur of the Year in Mediterranean Region (2008)