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New Contract of Airbus A320


In 2014, Transports Capelle obtained a new contract from Airbus. This time, it is to transfert the wings for the A320 for 3 years.

The contract began in January 2015 with 2 transports per month what makes 24 transports per year. In 2016, we will increase the frequency to 92 transports.

The convoy leaves in Chester (England)to Toulouse (France) in round-trip.

The route divides in 3 parts :

-The first part is in England, on the road between Chester and Portsmouth. The convoy is accompanied of 1 pilot car cause of the English's regulations.
- The second part is in Portsmouth, the trucks take the ferry to Ouistreham (France).
- Finally, in Ouistreham, the convoy continues by road without pilot car to its final destination : Toulouse.

After the delivery of the wings, the convoy gets back to Chester to bring back the jigs. The convoy is composed of 2 trucks with the wings and of 1 tautliner to transport the equipment.

The dimensions are :
- 25 meters long
- 3 meters large
- 4.5 meters high
- 40 tons

All of this is towed by a 6x2 truck