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Transport of a deptiching machine


In July, Transports Capelle realized a new transport, this time, it was for a deptiching machine of 13 meters long, 6.3 meters large, 12 meters high for 60 Tons, for our customer EMTI between Alès (30) and the Arcelor Mittal’s site in Fos sur mer (13-France).

To forward this machine, we needed several stages, indeed, the machine was made of 4 sub-elements and we transported them separately to Fos with a 4 trucks convoy with some components of 13 meters long, 6.3 meters large and 2 meters high.

Then, when we arrived on the site, we assembled the 4 elements to have a deptiching machine.

But, it was not the end of this convoy, after the assembly, the machine lived a last traject of 600 meters in the site of Arcelor Mittal, definitely the most difficult, the way was too twisting and winding, it was impossible for an entire convoy to bring the complete piece.

Against this, we used our Powerbooster trailer brought before thank to our 8x6x4 tractor. The trailer guided by the remote control was able to fill the last 600 meters and the deptiching machine. A really Heavy Haulage