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In order to offer a tailored-made solution to each of our customers, we propose a very flexible option: Tractor-trailer and driver rental.

This solution will :

- Simplify your organization and allow you to focus on your own business field.
- Preserve your cashflow;
- Using our tools, knowhow as well as our experience in transports management, you will optimize your transport costs.
- Plan and follow precisely what your transport costs are.
- Enjoy the flexibility of a rental adapted to your needs.
- Anytime access to vehicles suited for your regular as well as your occasional needs.

Essentially :

- We draw a contract stating all of your needs on a short, middle or long term duration
- You can rent the vehicles for the time period that suits you best, up to 365 days/year
- In case of unavailability of the vehicle for maintenance, accident or any other reason, we are committed to replace it without delay
- All your transports are handled by qualified and experimented drivers trained by Capelle Euroteam school.