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logistique & stockage

Transports Capelle are today able to deal with the totality of a logistic activity, upstream and downstream from the production, on production or on building site, by road, sea or by the river, in France as in Europe. They have forklifts or auxiliary cranes and gantries. We can ensure the management of your stocks and the complementary services as packing, covering, cleaning upstream of a transport. Most of the Capelle agencies can provide customers with warehousing external facilities (with surfaces going from 1 000 sq m. to 32 000 sq m). For your most important needs, the agency of Montereau (77) has a multimodal site of 138000 sq m among which 30000 sq m asphalted and 25000 sq m place settings.

An example of applied logistics: gas tube business
Our Chantonnay agency, with a 30-year old experience in the field is managing the complete organisation of your gas tube installation construction sites It deals with the goods starting from the exit of the plant, covers the transport by road or by rail, deals with wagon offloading using a specialised offloading devices, finds a storage site close to your construction site, ensures the setting in conformity (safety.), transfers and offloads the goods on the storage site, carries out final transport to the construction site using a fleet of adapted trucks (4X4 or 6X4) and at the end sets up the tubes.

Most of the Capelle agencies can provide customers with warehousing facilities: external (with surfaces going from 1000 sq m. to 32000 sq m) and internal. For your most important needs Montereau agency (department 77) provides a 138000 sq m warehousing area whereas 32000 sq m asphalted and 25000 sq m inside a warehouse store. This site includes a railway siding that allow to store a complete train. It has also an access to the inland waterways network through the ports of Montereau and Bray-sur-Seine (heavy goods). Situated close to the exceptional transport itineraries it has a multimodal purposes.